Our Mission

Mission Statement

“Knowing and Sharing the Joy of Salvation through Jesus Christ”

Expected Results 2024
  • Members and guests will experience the joy of God’s beautiful gift of our church family.
  • Individuals and community agencies will receive support in their God-pleasing work.
  • Individuals will become disciples and mature in faith by the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.
2024 Ministry Plan Below:


Members and guests will experience the joy of God’s beautiful gift of our church Family.


God continues to raise up new ministries at ILC and bring us guests. We will host two Family Ministry Fairs during Discipleship Hour.

We will provide Dinners for Eight and Dinner with Families to help people connect with one another.

We will create a small group inventory tool, as well as a collecting structure regarding ILC members’ spiritual gifts. This inventory will be available for leaders of ministry teams in order to strengthen ILC’s overall ministry and personal discipleship.

For the purpose of strengthening our church family, we will update and publish our Ministry Catalogue.

God wants people who enter our building to feel welcomed and informed. Work will continue in our Welcome and Family Centers. The intention is to build two ministry teams, supported by our Deaconess and Sharing Pastor, in order to foster a welcoming and informative environment.

We will seek God’s will as we explore developing a new ministry, entitled ILC Adventures, to provide field trips that nurture meaningful relationships.

God has brought our ILC family young-adults who are growing in their relationship with the Lord and the ILC church family through ministry engagement within worship. We will look for further engagement of young-adults in ILC ministry.

God has given us opportunity to create a new nursery in support of families coming to worship. We will communicate with parents about other ways to enhance their children’s worship experience.

Individuals and Community agencies will receive support in their God-pleasing work.


God is growing the ILC church family, not only with additional people and ministries, but in breadth and complexity of ministry. We will intentionally seek new partner relationships within Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Okatie communities, as well as within our LC-MS Southeastern District.

God continues to bring us more worshippers. We will prayerfully explore new worship opportunities.

We will seek God’s will as we explore expanding our partnership with Neighborhood Outreach Connection (NOC) through a Fun Friday social/fellowship gathering for children.

God is bringing more people to use our current building. We will implement building enhancements to strengthen avenues of connection, increase functionality, and update facilities.

We will seek to do God’s will as we explore the opportunity of enhancing our online ministry community. Initial steps would include identifying a shepherd to connect with those who currently make use of our livestreaming ministries.

We will seek God’s will as we explore avenues to develop an Island Oasis Ministry for church workers within the LC-MS needing respite and retreat.

God has given ILC two LCMS missionaries and a second-year deaconess student at Concordia Seminary. We will increase opportunities for relational connections with these “missionaries,” while also looking into new mission relationships through our LC-MS church body.

We will continue hosting community ministry events, such as the Low Country Bash and Vacation Bible School, while investigating the opportunities for additional events.

The Lord has blessed us with a multi-functional building. We will enhance the current bridging activities with the community groups using our building.

Individuals will become Disciples and mature in faith by the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word. (Discipleship)


God calls His people to grow in prayer. We will explore opportunities for growth in prayer; special focus on prayer will be included during the upcoming strategic planning for our congregation.

God has given us appreciation for our current worship / liturgical style. We will explore multi-lingual avenues for connecting with our current Chinese and Latino attendees, as well as methods of bringing the good news to the varying communities of the Low Country.

God has given us an approach for receiving offerings beyond “passing the plate.” We will develop opportunities to celebrate “offering moments” in the worship service and provide other opportunities to increase an understanding of a wholistic view of stewardship.

God has begun a conversation with our ILC family regarding spiritual gifts. We will continue to develop this new ministry with the intention of empowering members to use their gifts in all the callings of life.

God has given our ILC family financially generous members who are eager to support missions and relief projects. We will increase understanding and commitment by hosting regular mission emphasis and celebration events.

God is stirring a greater hunger to know and apply His Word. We will provide more Bible Study options, both in homes and on the ILC campus.

God is raising up new leaders in our church family. One expression is our two Lay Deacon students receiving training through our Southeastern District. We will partner in their education, as well as look for other opportunities to develop our ILC leaders.

God is bringing new people to our church family with varying backgrounds and faith experiences. In order to support their continued faith development, we will seek out personal conversations with them within three months of their membership to identify possible discipleship opportunities.

The Lord has provided our church family with gifted staff members who lead and serve in His name. We commit to the strengthening of their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

God is raising up, as well as strengthening, our ministries among women, men, and young adults. We will explore avenues for maturing faith among the participants, to include cultivating a passion for making disciples.